Maximising Impact on Business

Thriving in Adversity

In the new world of work, leaders and staff are often confronted with opposing, incompatible opinions, view points, beliefs and values.

Instead of going the right-wrong route, intelligent leaders have the predisposition and the capacity to hold two opposing ideas at once, and without panicking or simply settling for one alternative or the other, they are able to creatively resolve the tension between those two (or more) ideas by generating a new idea (higher meaning) that contains elements of the opposing ideas, but is superior to them all.

On completion of the module, the learner will be able to successfully utilise acquired knowledge and insights regarding Spiritual Intelligence to manage change and adversity in own life, and deal with inter-personal incompatibilities and diversity. The module will particularly focus on a change of personal and organizational values.

Specific outcomes:

On completion of the module, the delegates will be empowered to:

Gain an understanding of the difference between various intelligences like IQ, (intellect) EQ (emotional) and SQ (spiritual) and the working of the human brain

Understand the essence of Spiritual Flipside Intelligence
Apply the three meta competencies of Spiritual Intelligence to home and work life when dealing with incompatibilities and adversity.

Step Out: The ability to step out of our comfort zones, our control seat and our judgment seat. Taking distance (Transcendence - Faith)

Step Into: The ability to deal with incompatibility (Unity - Love)

Step Up: The ability to access higher Meanings (Accessing the value/teacher - Hope)

Presented by Dr Fritz Holscher and Sharon Olivier

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