Maximising Impact on Business

Optimising Synergies between companies or departments

Value added business partnering

Many teams are faced with challenge of how to get beyond SLAs (service level agreements) and how to become integral, value adding partners to each others or customers businesses.

The diagram above indicates a fundamental shift in orientation towards customers. Although the provision of high quality products and services at a good price will remain of critical importance, their contribution to competitive advantage / business success is on the decline. This first curve service has in fact become a minimum requirement, a ticket to the race, which does not imply, winning the race!

Service businesses new competitive advantage lies in their ability to transcend onto thesecond curve which entails effectively partnering with business and becoming an indispensable part of their business. This new paradigm often means:

Stepping out of the comfort zone of ones own technical professional specialty into the heart of ones partners business, and truly understanding their vision, business objectives and challenges

Becoming a strategic partner to their business

Creatively and proactively spotting opportunities that can add value to ones partners business

Mutually look for cost cutting and quality improvement opportunities demonstrating flexibility in custom designing solutions that will add value to ones partners business

Educating partners on growth opportunities and the value that can be added to their business

Developing long term relationships built on mutual respect and trust

Moving from SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to PLAs (Partnership Level Agreements), where mutual perceptions, understanding of each others business are shared and rated on a regular basis

The Value Added Business Partnering Programme offers mind shifting workshops, practical skills and tools which include moving from SLAs (Service Level agreements) to PLAs (Partnership Level agreements), and a PSI (Partnership Satisfaction Index) measurement instrument to enable teams on their journey to the second curve.