Maximising Impact on Business

Buidling Positive Habits of Lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons for un-wellness today is ....people simply struggling to change bad habits that developed over years!

The most obvious solution for most people is to source the latest, greatest diet on the market, or to get a personal trainer who will bully them into an exercise programme.

Those that have been down this road will know that these resolutions last approximately 1-2 weeks before we resort back to those old comfortable habits. Sound familiar?

Disciplining yourself into a physical regime will always only produce short term results if you do not address the mental and emotional habits that are at the root of the bad habit!

Specific Outcomes:

Understand Brain Wiring and the principle of association

Gain skills in re-wiring the brain and to break disempowering habits and build new habits of lifestyle

Gain insights into how to manage ones state of mind/emotion on a daily basis

Presented by Sharon Olivier (Industrial Psychologist)

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