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Resilience, Optimism and Authentic Happiness

Resilience, Optimism and Authentic Happiness (1-2 days)

On completion of the module optimism and authentic happiness, the learner will be able to successfully utilise acquired knowledge that will enable him/her to fully realise the nature of pessimism versus optimism, their respective negative and positive impacts on perform

ance and health, and have the ability to consciously choose a more life-enhancing attitude in the face of work and life events.

The learner will also be able to apply his/her personal signature strengths and character virtues to the main areas of his/her life, leading to deep gratification and genuine happiness.

Specific Outcomes

On completion of the module, the delegates will be able to:

Understand the importance of hardiness and optimism for performance and health.

Understand the concept of authentic happiness as enacting personal signature strengths and character virtues.

Apply a practical cognitive-behavioural tool to increase their own and others optimism.

Action the application of character virtues to main areas of their lives.

Presented by Dr Deon van Zyl or Sharon Olivier

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