Maximising Impact on Business

Intercultural Flipside Intelligence

These insightful and inspirational workshops are about gaining self insight into own style and working with incompatibilities in difficult relationships (Interpersonal, Teams, Organisations).

Participants gain understanding and practical experience in moving from being cultural critics to cultural learners and how to apply these insights into practical work place difficulties and incompatibilities between people with diverse and even adverse ideas and/or cultural habits.

This workshop is especially applicable to staff working in teams or projects both nationally and internationally, and who need to deal with people different to themselves. It is also a great Team Building intervention and deliver tangible business results.

Key Points

The secret of synergy: A Unity of opposite vs Uniformity

The speed of trust: Trust builders and Trust breakers in team and personal relationships

Three world views:

Guilt versus innocence found predominantly in North American and European cultures.

Fear versus power found mainly in tribal areas of Africa, Asia and South America.

Shame versus honour predominant in Asia, The Middle East and South America.

Twelve Polarities

A new perspective on corporate culture and self-culture

An Assessment Instrument for team and individual profiles

Two Leadership Styles

- Leading through Elimination
- Leading through Reconciliation

Three Intercultural Competencies

- Stepping out: Courage (Faith)
- Stepping into: Curiosity (Love)
- Stepping up: Conquering your fear (Hope)

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