Maximising Impact on Business

Managing Stress and Negative Emotions

Research has indicated that job stress has become the disease of the 20th century and is considered a global epidemic.

The number of employees experiencing high levels of stress has doubled since 1985 and workers exposed to stress for at least half their working lives are 25% more likely to die from a heart attack.

Two thirds of all stress-related problems result from abusive, unsatisfying, limiting or ill-defined relationships in the workplace.

Specific Outcomes:

Gain understanding and insight into the effects of stress on the immune system and physical body (basic insight into the field of PNI or Psyco-Neuro Immunology) conduct spot check on own stress levels

Gain insight into the impact of above the line and below the line emotions and gain skills in how to manage negative emotions constructively

Understand how stress can become a bad habit or pattern that needs to be interpreted. Delegates gain understanding into the working of the brain and how to interrupt and permanently change a negative emotional pattern

Applying heart intelligence.

This is a state of the art technology that studies the impact of mental/emotional states on heart rate variability (HRV), and provides delegates with immediate bio-feedback as they learn the skill of Entrainment, and a stress management technique called ‘freeze frame’

Optional extra: Identifying and addressing specific Team Wellness issues (if run as part of a Team Building session)

Experience 8 practical daily stress management/work life balance tools, including spontaneous laughter

Presented by Sharon Olivier (Industrial Psychologist)

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