Maximising Impact on Business

Team Wellbeing - Team Building

Pre interviews with leader and selected team members in order to custom design the programme to address specific team issues

Sessions of 1 to 3 days may include, inter alia

Creating the next wave in customer service moving from Service Provider to Value Adding Business Partner

A variety of indoor and outdoor activities to stimulate team bonding and fun

Creative visioning and storytelling ensuring a common focus by using the medium of sand play and corporate story telling

Strategic planning session (including establishing of KPAs, KPIs)

Optimizing team synergies - by understanding personalities, brain profiles, talents and core passions of team members

Maximising team energy by re-designing and clarifying roles, aligned with core passions and talents of individuals

Building emotional capital by enriching trust, empowerment, listening, communication, feedback, fitness, appreciation, mutual expectations and FUN, through a variety of experiential and participative exercises

Managing team Polarities by understanding, identifying and finding ways to proactively manage conflicting issues and/or team differences, e.g. empowerment vs control

Resolving interpersonal conflict by establishing mature ways to appreciate and deal with differences and diversity using the principles of SQ (spiritual intelligence)

Inter-cultural intelligence by creating understanding and tolerance for the differences in cultures, race, views etc.

Optimising and capitalising on the synergies inherent in the differences in a fun and inspirational way

Creating the next wave in customer service moving from Service Provider to Value Added Business Partner

Presented by Sharon Olivier (Industrial Psychologist)

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